Is the Life Just A Game

‘Is the life just a game’ a session organized by Air University Islamic Society. Event begin with the recitation of Holy Quran and then Raja Zia ul Haq , motivational speaker tackled the stage and attracted the audience in a very beautiful way. At start he told about past era of his life. He told what he was in early twenties of his life. He realized the audience about the importance of life. He said is life just a game? This belief ignores or denies the supernatural and any form of Divine accountability. Why would there be? When you play a game you either win or lose, and then you move on to the next game, and then you eventually die. The formula is simple; believing life is just a game equals no ultimate purpose and value Allah did not create anything without any purpose. He told when he was of almost 24 he encountered an accident in Dubai in which more than 400 cars hit each other and that was a huge lost for Dubai in its history. But he was totally safe in that accident and that accident made a huge change in his life. He further before that accident his aims were different he had each and everything except peace of heart, when he came towards Islam he realizes the actual taste of peace of heart. He told how much difficulties he faced for leaving his old circle. He told Life is not a game take it serious because you are not sure about the life of your life. Nothing is immortal, every soul will taste death so don’t waste your time come towards Islam , read Quran and study about the life of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW). That was an amazing session, people took that lecture very serious and everyone who attended that session learnt a lot from the story of Raja Zia ul Haq.

By Web Team AU