Safai Ko Pasand Karo - Our Mission

This year Shaoor Society organized the second round of “Safai Ko Pasand Karo”. The move is introduced to inculcate in student’s good habits such as a sense of responsibility and care. Not only students but teachers, directors and registrar also participated in this event.

Volunteers of the campaign will raise awareness about cleanliness during this drive. A team of volunteers will visit assigned rooms during the campaign and ask people how they discard garbage. The students have been advised to make people take an oath to dispose garbage in recyclable bags or dustbins every day. And there will be number of other activities to spread awareness. This, in a way, will also test student’s efficiency.

The campaign includes 70 volunteers from different departments of University. The supreme role of this campaign is to preserve clean environment around Airians. And that, it will bring compassion of being clean and be in clean environment among youngsters.

The aims of “Safai Ko Pasand Karo” includes:
  • Maintain clean and healthy environment throughout the University.
  • Develop supportive relations between students.
  • Work together to help people live better lives.
  • To reduce diseases and illiteracy about cleanliness among students.
  • Help to solve this social, cultural and humanitarian problem together.
  • To stop environmental destruction.
  • To promote respect for environment.

This Event comprises of three sub events which are held in parallel to each other.

Safai Walk : Its purpose is to make a sense of cleanliness among students and teach students that every student that it our duty to keep our home clean and no one must hesitate to do it with their own hands.

Craft Competition : This competition is held in which students can make anything productive, decorative or useful using recyclable object that we usually dump. Its aim is to make them aware that this garbage can become of our use instead of polluting our environment.

Waste Bins : were installed in Cafeteria. Also make sure that recyclable disposables are being used in the cafeteria.

By Web Team AU