A Visit to Old Home

“Community Development Wing” of Shaoor Society organized a visit to St. Joseph’s Hospice Rawalpindi.

A team of 15 students were accompanied by Dr. Ibrahim Haneef, Mr. Akram Rashid and Mr. Junaid Zameer for the great cause. The team spent their entire day with the patients and helped the staff in different chores. Students took dinner, fruits and juices for the patients of old home.

The main purpose of this visit was just not to eat dinner with the patients but also to know about their problems and to confront them. Team wrote down the problems faced by the staff and the patients of the old home and will try to help them as much as they can. Maybe we can’t resolve their problems in just one visit but at least we can try to make them happy and to forget their pain for some time. Team did an amazing job and is trying to gather help for the old home patients.

By Web Team AU