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 Research Groups

Signal Processing and Embedded Systems Group
Information Security Group
Control Systems and MEMS Group
Communication Systems Group
Microwave and Radar Group

 Trainings & Short Courses

Following short courses and trainings are conducted at Department of Avionics Engineering:
Synthetic Aperture Radar Theory and Application LabVIEW Core I & II LabVIEW FPGA MEMS for Aerospace Application Real Time DSP for Communications Vx Works & FPGA Digital Design with LabVIEW Modelling & Simulation of Aircraft Dynamics Avionics System Integration Navigation Systems Basics of Energetic Materials Advanced Energetic Materials Laser Optics and laser Proximity Fuses Explosive Formulation and Fillings Detection and Analysis of Explosives

 Salient Projects

Department of Avionics Engineering also works on the research projects. These projects are provided by different Government and private organizations. A salient list projects at Department of Avionics Engineering is as under:

 Tele-Medicine with LabVIEW:

Rugged Telemedicine system for Rural Health Services is an interesting project. Air University and Planet NI are collaborating on the provisioning of rural health services through automated patient encounters by an embedded Patient Data Concentrator that is linked to OpenMRS (medical record system).

 Follow-on Receiver & Spectrum Analysis COMJAM Applications:

This system is an extension of an MS thesis conducted at Avionics Department. Capable of analyzing radio sets with 4000hops per second with the accuracy up to 1Khz and lower hop rates with an accuracy of <10Hz. Detection time is less than 98 Microseconds.

 Automated Spring Mass Damper System:

• Replaces Manual Mass spring damper • Records and measures various parameters using sensors. • Print all these parameters on single report and the end of experiment.


 Data Logger for DA-20:

Data logger has been installed in DA-20 for thermal analysis of APU compartment. Installation been has been Completed on the aircraft with one Engineering display console and one Pilot console in the cockpit, the system gives a clear trend of the APU status.


 Thermal Profiling of F-7 Aircraft Avionics Bay:

A Data Logger was deployed on a supersonic aircraft and flew for one year in all-weather profiles. The huge correlated datasets captured were analyzed using state-of-the-art data-mining tools at Air University. The analysis report of Air University was accepted and trials for the recommended modification to control the avionics bay temperature, are underway.


 Helicopter Track & Balance:

Helicopter track and balance kit was developed by the Department of Avionics Engineering for Army Aviation. Kit has been tested by Aviation Squadron in Quetta and is undergoing further testing at 503 EME workshop Dhamial


 Vibration Monitoring of Lycoming 360E:

This system measures the vibration of the engine under test. Allows user to extract valuable health information and fault diagnosis of the engine using joint time frequency analysis


 Data Link Processor:

In collaboration with National Instruments we are developing a next generation hybrid Embedded Avionics Platform Critical for transitioning from federated to IMA architectures

 Spectral Analysis and Direction Finding System COMINT Applications:

This system is capable of Analyzing and demodulating numerous modulation schemes.

 Salient Thesis

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