Programs Offered

The Department of FASSS offers Programme:

MS Strategic Studies (MSSS)
Degree Awarded: MS in Strategic Studies
Credit Hours: 30 Credit Hours (24 Credit Hours Coursework+ 06 Credit Hours Research)
Entry requirements:
16 years of education, preferably in Defence & Strategic Studies, Political Science, Defence & Diplomatic Studies, Peace & Conflict Studies, Government & Public Policy Studies, Security Studies, War Studies, Pakistan Studies, Gender Studies, Energy, Environment, Climate Change Studies and Area or Regional Studies with at least 2.50/4.00 CGPA or 60 % marks in last-earned degree from HEC recognized University/Institute.
The Candidate would have to pass GRE International with 70th Percentile or GAT General with 50% score or GAT equivalent Test by the Department based on HEC guidelines with 60% score.
Applicant would be required to appear for an admission Interview by the Department before grant of admission.

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