Department of Avionics Engineering

The word avionics is a combination of aviation and electronics. In recent years, the aircraft industry has experienced an exponential increase in the application of digital communications, controls and navigation systems. On-board computers now control vital flight functions of large aerial vehicles from takeoff to automatically controlled landings while on-board sensors observe physical phenomena as diverse as weather, ground vehicles, crop densities and other aerial targets. The field of avionics is thus multi-disciplinary and challenging. The Avionics Engineering Department of IAA offers MS and PhD degrees in Avionics Engineering and MS in Information Security. The program offered provides an opportunity of pursuing a rigorous course of studies reflecting the challenges of today's high-tech electronics and aviation industry. The students are allowed to select courses from a variety of specializations which are covered in depth and which probe the frontiers of engineering and scientific knowledge. Special-study courses are available to explore emerging technologies and their applications for solving problems. Advanced concepts and applications are emphasized throughout the program and the thesis research. The aim is to provide the required knowledge and substantial depth so that the alumni can continue to pursue lifelong multidisciplinary learning as professional engineers.

Scholarship Opportunities

Air University is offering fully funded MS Avionics Engineering and MS Information Security to the students with CGPA 3.5/4.00 or above in the relevant bachelor degree (conditions apply). For further information please visit Department of Avionics Engineering or contact focal person: 051-9262557-9 Ext: 411

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