Teaching Faculty

Prof. Dr. Wasima Shehzad

Dean Faculty of Social Sciences, Chair Department of Humanities

Fulbright Alumna, University of Michigan, USA
Education PhD Linguistics, MPhil TESOL (Edinburgh, UK), MA English Literature and Language, Punjab University; DIP TEIL
Research Interest: Corpus Linguistics, Genre Studies, Discourse Studies, Academic/Technical Writing, Quality Assurance in Education, Curriculum Development and Syllabus Design, Language Planning and Policy.
Email: wasima@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 0092-51-9262613, 926557-479

Mr. Naveed Iqbal

Assistant Professor

Education PhD (ABD), MA International Relations, (California, USA)
Research Interest: International regions, Translational Societies, Ethno-linguistic Fractionalization, Separatist Movements
Email: naveed.iqbal@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262557-9

Dr. Farzana Masroor

Assistant Professor

EducationPhD Applied Linguistics, University Technology Malaysia
Research Interest: Genre Analysis, Argumentative Texts, EAP/ESP, Cross-Cultural Discourse.
Email: farzana.masroor@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-926557-256

Dr. Inayat Ullah

Assistant Professor

Education PhD in Linguistics and Literature (Air University) MPhil in American Studies, Quaid-i-Azam University, MA in English Language and Literature (Peshawar University)
Research Interest: Psychological Trauma Studies, Cultural Trauma, Perpetrators Studies, Memory Studies, Feminism, Postcolonial Studies, Literary Theory and Research
Email: inayatullah@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262558-387

Dr. Uzma Anjum

Assistant Professor

Education PhD Linguistics, NUML
Research Interest: Sociolinguistics, Language and Gender, Language sift, Language Documentation
Email: uzma.anjum@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262557-329

Dr. Sham Haidar

Assistant Professor

Education PhD University of Rochester, Rochester New York.
Research Interest: TESOL Sociolinguistics, Language and Power, English Language Teaching, Writing.
Email: sham.haider@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-926557-246

Dr. Afia Kanwal

Assistant Professor

Education PhD English (Linguistics), MA English Language Teaching (Gold Medallist) MA English (Linguistics and Literature) (Silver Medallist), Advanced Diploma (Linguistics and Literature), Outstanding Academic Bill Clinton President Award, U.S.A.
Research Interest: Cognitive Science and Language Learning, Learning Styles, Modern Literature, ELT, Organizational & Communication Studies, Business Communication, English for Specific purposes, Curriculum Development, Language Planning and Policy, Sociolinguistics, Computer Assisted Language Learning & Teaching
Email: afia.kanwal@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262557 Ext 367

Dr. Aziz Khan

Assistant Professor

Education PhD in Applied Linguistics University of Auckland, New Zealand
Research Interest: Language Policy and Planning, Language In Education, and Social Contexts Of Language Learning and Teaching.
Email: aziz.khan@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262557

Ms Afroz Ilyas


Education MPhil Linguistics and Literature (Air University), MA TEFL ( AIOU)
Research Interest: English Language Teaching Through Literature, Effective Teaching, Role of Lexis in Developing And Writing Skill in Academically Weak Students, Improving Reading Skills Through Cognitive And Meta Cognitive Skills
Email: afroz.ilyas@mail.au.edu.pk Contact: 051-9262557-368

Ms. Sara Bano (On Leave)


Education FLTA (Michigan State University, U.S.A), MA English
Research Interest: Comparative Study of Education Systems in South East Asia, American Literature, Transcendentalist Tradition Compared with Sufi Poetry.

Mr. Tariq Ejaz


Education PhD Scholar AIOU, MPhil, MA Islamic Studies, MA Arabic, MA English,
Research Interest: Seerah, Mysticism & Orientalism, Interfaith harmony
Email: tariq.ejaz@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262557-9-388

Ms. Samia Mudasser


EducationPhD Scholar (Air University) Linguistics and Literature, MPhil (GCU Lahore), M.A (GCU Lahore)
Research Interest: World Literature (Nigerian Fiction), Classical and Modern British Literature, American Literature
Email: samia.mudasser@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262557-399

Mr. Akhtar Abbas


EducationPhD Scholar, MPhil in Linguistics and Literature (Air University)
Research Interest: Corpus Linguistics, Metadiscourse, Genre Studies, English for Academic and Research Purposes, Language Planning and Policy
Email: akhtar.abbas@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262557

Ms. S. Tehseen Zehra


Education PhD Scholar, MPhil in Linguistics BZU
Research Interest: Corpus Linguistics, Corpus Pragmatics, Discourse Studies, Sociolinguistics, Pragmatics, English Language Teaching, Genre Studies
Email: tehseen.zahra@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262557-9-473

Ms Humera Faraz


EducationPhD Scholar (NUML), MPhil Linguistics & Literature (Air University), MA English, (BZU Multan)
Research Interest: Sociolinguistics, Critical Discourse English Analysis, Pragmatics, Corpus Linguistics, ELT
Email: humera.faraz@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262557-9-394

Ms. Samina Batool Shah


Education MPhil Islamic Studies (Islamic Philosophy) NUML
Research Interest: Islamic Spirituality, Current Issues in Islamic World, Islamic Education, Comparative Religions, Ethics
Email: samina.shah@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262557-9-737

Ms. Hafsa Ali


Education MPhil Pakistan Studies, National Institute of Pakistan Studies, Quaid-i-Azam University
Research Interest: Nation-Building in Pakistan, Ethnic Identity Representations on Electronic Media, Comparative Politics, Qualitative Data Analysis & Research Methodology.
Email: Hafsa.Ali@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262557-9-393

Mr. Hamza Rehman


Education MA. English (Creative Writing), Kansas State University; L.L.B Hons, University of London
Research Interest: Creative Writing, Creative Non-Fiction, and Post-Colonial Literature
Email: Hamza.Rehman@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262557-9, Ext: 223

Ms. Fizza Farrukh


Education MPhil. Linguistics & Literature, M.A. English Language and Literature
Research Interest: Pragmatics, Discourse Studies, Sociolinguistics, Politeness in Language, Gender Studies, Academic Writing, and English Language Teaching.
Email: fizza.farrukh@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262557-9 Ext: 390

Ms. Mehwish Haider


Education MPhil in Linguistics (NUML), MA in Language and Literature (IIUI), BS, Hons. English Language and Literature (IIUI), TEFL (IIUI)
Research Interest: English Language Teaching, Developing And Writing Skill, Improving Reading Skills
Email: mehwish.haider@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262557-9, Ext: 393

Mr. Afzal Khan


Education PhD Scholar (University of AJ&K), MPhil Applied Linguistics (Hazara University Mansehra), MA (NUML Islamabad)
Research Interest: Second Language Acquisition (SLA), Bilingualism, Multilingualism, Sociolinguistics and Stress Placement in English Language.
Email: afzal.khan@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262557-9, Ext: 227

Mr. Ayaz M. Shah


Education MPhil in Literature Hazara University, Mansehra
Research Interest: Stylistics, Political Fiction, Neo-liberalism, and Post 9/11 Studies.
Email: ayaz.shah@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262557

Mr. M. Yasar Usmani


Education Masters in Theology of Tafseer & Quranic Sciences Al-Azhar University, Egypt
Research Interest: Tafseer, Human Rights Issues, Islamic Family and Criminal Law.
Email: myasar@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262557

Mr. Arslan Ahmed Wrraich


Education MPhil in Asian Studies Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
Research Interest: Political Studies, Islam and Pakistan, Muslim Militancy and Sectarianism in South Asia.
Email: aahmed@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262557

Mr. Farman Kakar


Education MPhil in International Relations Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
Research Interest: Political Islam, Conflict Resolution and Research Methodologies.
Email: mfarman@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262557

Ms. Abida Younas

Lecturer (On Study Leave)

Education MS in Literature Islamic International University, Islamabad
Research Interest: Global Muslim Narratives, Globalization, and Post Colonial literature.
Email: abida.younas@mail.au.edu.pk
Contact: 051-9262557

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