Department of Mechatronics Engineering

The Mechatronics Engineering Department, established in 2003, has graduated three batches with Bachelors degrees, and has an academic staff of 20 with 03 senior Ph.D. faculty members. The laboratories include CNC machines, robotics and industrial automation, thermofluids, control and automation, heat transfer, mechanics of materials, and a general mechanical workshop. Other common university facilities available to the department are computer labs, library and labs of digital electronics and microprocessors. In the First Convocation of Air University, held in September 2007, the number of students graduating with B.E and M.S degrees was 55 and 2 respectively while in the Second Convocation held in February 2010, degrees were awarded to the second and third batches.

In Pakistan, Mechatronics is well-suited to the industry as it provides the right mix of mechanical, electronics, and computer Programming to enable an engineer to grapple with the essentials. At a graduate level, the department aims to concentrate on instrumentation, sensors and control systems. The M.S. programme allows a student sufficient time after the completion of the mandatory eight-course programme, to pursue a research area at an internationally acceptable level. An M.S. thesis in mechatronics builds on the undergraduate foundation, is aimed at producing work of a quality leading to doctoral research and sufficient to meet the standards of international conferences.

Apart from teaching, the faculty is engaged in research in the areas of embedded systems, thermofluids, and x-ray fluorescence detection for the use of sensors for elemental assaying. This research has been published and presented in international conferences.

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