English Language and Linguistics Research Group

 ELL Research Group

Air University is pleased to announce the formation of a research group for researchers working in the areas of Linguistics and English Language. Research area; participants; activities; meeting schedule; prospective members.


The Air University English Language and Linguistics Research group will delve into theoretical and experimental research investigating issues of linguistic and cognitive importance in the development of a research culture to promote quality research and application in Islamabad and Rawalpindi to begin with.

 Research Areas

The major themes of this forum will include: language acquisition and bilingualism; language and identity; language power, policy and planning; digital and trans-literacies; and discourse theory. ELL will focus on the theoretical underpinning and the applicability of theory to the language pedagogy in Pakistan. The main objective of creating ELL is to provide an opportunity to discuss and resolve issues related to research in progress and a natural grouping for collaborative projects. ELL is also keen to promote interdisciplinary research with people working on language acquisition within neighbouring disciplines like sociology, anthropology, psychology, computer science and education.


Current research projects; Seminars & Conferences.

 Meeting schedule

Regular meetings on the first Friday of each month at 1500 for one hour. The aim of these meetings will be to discuss work in progress and understand steps in developing projects from defining a research question and finding appropriate method for addressing the question to data collection and interpretation of results, recently published papers, and to inform others about the ongoing research of the members of ELL.

 Prospective students

ELL at the Air University is currently looking for outstanding students wishing to carry out postgraduate research leading to a PhD mentioned above. Regular information and progress will be posted on the ELL link to keep members and participants updated.

ELL Research Group

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