Fee & Financial Aid

Tuition Fee @ AU

AU reviews fee & other dues every year and in case of change (if any) after approval of the competent authority, revised fee would be charged to all new and existing students.

Existing and New Students

Fee for each semester must be paid in advance and within the stipulated period. First semester's Fee is charged as per actual credit hours, for the semester. Tuition fee is to be paid only upon receipt of the online bill available at AU website. All registered students can obtain fee bill from Air University website for current semester after they have formally registered for the courses. The Fee must be settled within the deadline as mentioned in the bill.

Students who fail to pay fee within given deadline, will be charged fine within same semester @ Rs 200/day. In case of non-payment of fee till the mid-semester, student name will be struck off from the University roll. A student whose name has been thus struck off but who is otherwise eligible to continue his/her studies will be reinstated only after he/she has settled all outstanding Fee / fines.

Note: Please note that Admission Fee, endowment fund, Sports Charges and Student Events charges are not refunded in any case. However, Tuition Fee once deposited, will only be refunded as per the following deadline:

  • 100% Tuition Fee Refund Up to 7th day of convene of classes
  • 50% Tuition Fee Refund From 8th -15th day of convene of classes
  • 0% Tuition Fee Refund From 16th day of convene of classes

Admission of candidates who are waiting for results will be cancelled if they fail to meet the minimum eligibility criteria after declaration of the awaited result. Tuition Fee, if submitted, will be refunded as per the timeline mentioned above. Students are not allowed to drop courses during their first two semesters. Refunds for dropped courses from third semester onwards are issued as per policy outlined in AU Academic Regulation.

S.No Program Total Credit Hours Tution Fee Rate(Per Cr. Hr.) Estimated Total Cost of Degree Program Credit Hours 1st Semester Tution Fee as Per Cr. Hr. for 1st Semester
BE Electrical Engineering 139 RS. 4,510 RS. 626,890 19 RS. 85,690
BE Mechatronics Engineering 144 RS. 4,510 RS. 649,440 17 RS. 76,670
BE Mechanical Engineering 141 RS. 4,510 RS. 635,910 18 RS. 81,180
BS in Computer Science  133 RS. 3,782 RS. 503006 16 RS. 60,512
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA-Honors) 142 RS. 4,202 RS. 596684 18 RS. 75,636
Bachelor of Science in English (BS English) 136 RS. 2,750 RS. 374000 18 RS. 49,500
Bachelor Studies in Accounting and Finance (BSAF) 136 RS. 3,782 RS. 514352 17 RS. 64,294
Bachelor of Science in Physics 131 RS. 2,954 RS. 386974 16 RS. 47,264
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics 130 RS. 2,954 RS. 384020 16 RS. 47,264
MS/MPhill Linguistics and Literature 30 RS. 3,696 RS. 110880 12 RS. 44,352
Masters of Business Administration (MBA) 1-1/2 Year 36 RS. 4,598 RS. 165528 12 RS. 55,176
Executive Masters of Business Administration(MBA Executive) 2 Years 66 RS. 3,570 RS. 235620 15 RS. 53,550
MS in Management Sciences 30 RS. 5,421 RS. 162630 12 RS. 65,052
MS in Applied Physics 30 RS. 5,421 RS. 162630 9 RS. 48,789
MS in Mathematics 30 RS. 5,421 RS. 162630 9 RS. 48,789
MS in Information Security  30 RS. 5,421 RS. 162630 9 RS. 48,789
MS in Computer Science 30 RS. 5,421 RS. 162630 9 RS. 48,789
MS in Project Management 30 RS. 4,840 RS. 145200 12 RS. 58,080
MS Engineering Programmes
Mechatronics/ Electrical /Avionics /Aerospace /Mechanical 24+6 RS. 3,696 RS. 110880 9 RS. 33,264
Ph.D Programs
Electrical / Aerospace / Avionics / Mechanical / Management Sciences / Linguistics and Literature/ Mechatronics/ Mathematics/ Physics 18+30 RS. 3,360 RS. 161,280 9 RS. 30,240
Other Charges
Online Admission Charges Rs. 2,000 Non-Refundable
Admission Fee (One Time) Rs. 20,000 Non-Refundable
Security Fee Rs. 10,000 Refundable
Endowment Fund (One Time) Rs. 5,000 Non-Refundable
Sports Charges (Per Semester) Rs. 1,000 per semester (Non-Refundable)
Student Events (Per Semester) Rs. 1,000/semester (Non-Refundable)
Library Fee (Per Semester) Rs. 500/semester (Non-Refundable)
Exam Fee (Per Semester) Rs. 2,000/semester (Non-Refundable)
Convocation Charges Rs. 5,000 payable at the start of final semester
Thesis Evaluation Fee all Post Graduate Programs Rs. 20,000 payable at the start of final semester
Re-Joining Fee for Semester leave Rs. 3,000 (Non-Refundable)

The University reserves the right to review tuition fee or any of the above charges at any time, if deemed necessary.

  • Fine amount @ RS 200 per day will be charged after due date with current bill.
  • For MBA/MS/M.Phil & PhD programs, an extension fee would be charged for every extended semester beyond normal duration.

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