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Journal of Business & Economics (JBE)
ISSN: 2075-6909

Call for Papers

JBE is aimed to be a high quality, scholarly, peer-reviewed journal. It shall serve the purpose of publishing advanced concepts and fundamental research in key fields of business and economics from the perspective of current scholarly work conducted in leading universities and research institutions. JBE is led with a vision to disseminate current theoretical and empirical issues in domestic and international context. The journal shall enlighten its readership covering academicians and practitioners and provide a venue for publication of inquiry-led research.
Vol 7, No.1 & 2
Submission of Papers deadline 31st December, 2015
The Papers
Authors are invited to submit original, full-length empirical or theoretical papers and book-reviews. Interested authors should follow details including procedures, paper mechanics, referencing style, and the technical review process for submitting papers.
JBE covers following areas under the domain of Business Management and Economics:
 International Business and Marketing
 Organizational Development and Challenges
 Leadership and Corporate Governance
 Entrepreneurship and Business Development
 Operations and Supply Chain Management
 Human Resource Development
 Marketing Management Issues
 Innovation and Change Management
 Banking and Finance
 Economic Theory and Policy Issues
Journal of Business & Economics (ISSN 2075-6909) has following links and contact numbers.
Title: Journal of Business & Economics
ISSN #: 2075-6909
Web link:
Paper submission link:
Contact #: 051-9262557 Ext: 382
Publisher: Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Air University, Islamabad, Pakistan
Indexation: Ebschost, Econlit, Proquest Database
Category: HEC recognized 'Y' Category journal
JBE doesn't charge any fee for registration, paper submission, review or publication and papers are selected purely on merit. Paper submission deadline appears on above mentioned web link only and no individual Call for Papers is sent. We have nothing to do with any journal published any where in the world under same title. JBE disclaims following journal pubished under same title and does not own or recognize any correspondence with authors in this regard:

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