Life & Community at AU Campus

Socities & Clubs

AU students get opportunities to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities. There are students’ societies and clubs, which organize activities of their choice and interest. The University encourages students to self-manage these societies and clubs and provides the required resources and guidance. There is great enthusiasm among members for these activities as they provide some mental relaxation. They also bring out their leadership, organizational and management skills.

AU Adventure Club

The Air University Adventure Club (AUAC) has been frequently organizing various activities for the students of the university. It is one of the biggest clubs in any university of Pakistan. Air University always supports its students not only in academics but also in arranging outdoor activities. AUAC administers excursions to different areas of Pakistan not only for recreational purposes but also for the physical and mental growth of students. Air University has its own personal equipment including tents, Para gliders and other miscellaneous items. The purpose of the club trips is not just to provide recreation but also to give students an opportunity to develop physically, socially and culturally. During an AUAC trip, participants get a chance to get acquainted with the local environment and culture of different regions in Pakistan. The AUAC organizing team faces very different challenges in planning, managing and preparing each trip. This helps them to gain leadership qualities and decision-making in their future life. The Club has been successfully run and managed by students from different departments. It organizes different kinds of trips, two days and in summer there are always trips to the northern areas of Pakistan.

  • In 2012, AUAC arranged a trip to Naran, Kaghan, Shogran, Babusar Top, Lulu-Sar Lake and Saif-ul- Maluk Lake for a large group of students, faculty members and staff. A group of 30 students and 2 faculty members from Multan campus went along with them.
  • A one-day hiking trip to Panjpir Rocks was organized on 22nd September, 2012.
  • Another three day's hiking trip from Thandiani to Nathia gali was arranged on 5th-7th October. The participants of the trip covered a 47 Km hike & trek in 2 days and did "night trekking" as well.
  • A two day trip to Lasdana-Bagh AJK was also completed.
  • In 2013 a two day trip to Lower Topa for 60 member team of students and faculty from both campus was arranged.
  • A one day trip to Koti Satian for 60 people was organized by AUAC, which included a 7km hike from Kotli Satian to Patriata, Muree.
  • A five day trip to Neelm Valley in AJK, consisting of 60 people from both campus was arranged during summer 2013. Highlights of the trip included a hike of 10KM between Kail to Arrankail, visit to the last point of Neelam Vally TaoBut.
  • In November 2013, a one day trip for 60 people was organized by AUAC to 13KM hike on a trek between Dunga Gali to Mushkpuri peak which is over 9000feet high.
  • In Jan 2014, an 18 member team from Islamabad Campus joined a 30 member team of Multan Campus for a five day visit to Derawar Fort, Cholishtan Desert, Lal Suhanra National Park, Noor Mahal Place in Bahawalpur city, and visit of historical palces and shrines in Multan city.
  • There has always been a crowd of students waiting to join the trips organized by AUAC and female students are not slow to participate. Along with these hiking trips, three-day Basic Paragliding elementary courses were conducted twice for enthusiasts of the University. The ever increasing number of participants, including faculty, staff, students and even alumni, in AUAC activities reflects the achievements of the club and also the confidence of participants in AUAC.
  • The Air University Adventure Club envisages new sports such as caving, cliff diving, self-defense, rock climbing, archery and survival courses, It looks forward to acquire new equipment with the help and guidance of the administration.

Shaoor Society

Sha'oor society was formed in the year 2007 to create awareness about the many issues that our society faces today. Sha'oor has worked hard in building its image as a society which works for community welfare in general and plays its part in lessening the misery of those struck by disaster. Since the beginning, Sha'oor has focused on bringing such issues to the forefront which need our due attention. The main objective is to work for the social and moral uplift of society. The volunteer network that Sha'oor has developed includes people from all walks of life from inside Pakistan and abroad as well. Expanding the network from just a handful of people to thousands of dedicated members is a success in its own. In the past Sha'oor has organized and sponsored quite a few events. The likes of which include seminars, fund- raising campaigns, 'Pakiography' (a pictographic competition), PYLC. Sha'oor believes in honoring the orphans and needy. For this purpose a lot of help is extended to orphan homes for their education and other needs. The sub-project of Sha'oor, 'RAY – A Beam of Hope' serves the orphans by sponsoring their education.

AU Alumni Association

Graduates of Air University have organized themselves in the form of the AU Alumni Association (AUAA). Their mission is to strengthen friendships formed in the university, build strong and mutually beneficial ties between the university and its alumni, create a dynamic alumni program that will stimulate interest, assist and advance the alumni in the pursuit of excellence, promote goodwill in the community and build loyalty, increase involvement and generate support for the university.

AU Cultural Society

The Cultural Society at AU is known for its dynamism. Be it a fund raiser or some special day, a ‘basant’ festival or a talent hunt, this society makes its presence felt. The word “culture” gives this society a broad platform to perform. It has not limited itself to organizing competitions, but has also taken the initiative in fund raising activities for flood victims. The idea is to inculcate the spirit of helping others at the time of need and also to develop organizational and management skills.

AU Drama Society (Thespian)

The Thespian Society arranges short plays and movie evenings and invites guest actors and directors to give talks about acting, directing and stage management.

AU Engineering Research and Computer Society (ERCS)

The Society was formed in 2002 with a view to provide a forum for students to remain abreast with the latest developments and research in Engineering and Computer Science. ERCS endeavors to bring innovative ideas into practical shape.

AU Islamic Society

The Islamic Society is an active instrument in creating religious tolerance, knowledge of contemporary issues and keen interest in religion among students of Air University. The Islamic Society aims to create awareness about Islamic norms and etiquette among youth, irrespective of sect, to promote brotherhood and harmony.

AU Science & Technology Society

The Science and Technology Society arranges talks, films and exhibitions.Senior professors, scientists and professionals from prominent universities and research organizations are invited as guest speakers. Students have visit other institutions to participate in science exhibitions.

AU Literary Society

Since its inception, the Air University Literary Society (AULS) has been actively involved in almost all the major co-curricular activities held at Air University. The society organizes activities like debate/speech contests, poetry competitions, seminars, lectures by guest speakers, essay writing competitions and mushaira with poets of national and international repute invited as guests. It thus, provides a strong platform to the students where they can express their views openly and also improve their on-stage confidence and oral presentation skills. The AULS not only holds in-house functions but also prepares the students for participation in various events held in other institutions all over Pakistan.

AU Music Society

The Air University Music Society was formed in 2011. Since then it has grown to be one of the biggest societies of the University. Its major objective is to bring together musicians to create and play music with a wide contemporary appeal. This requires talent, training and exposure. With a yearly schedule of events AUMS holds concerts, musical events and classes.

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