Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering is a two year, 30 credit hours program divided over four semesters Students are required to complete eight courses, equivalent of 24 credit hours from their chosen area of specialization. They are also required to conduct research and submit their findings in terms of a thesis which is equivalent of 6 credit hours Satisfactory performance in the course work as well as the thesis is must to successfully fulfill the requirements for the award of the Master’s degree A comprehensive review of the mathematical concepts and techniques required for subsequent course and research work is provided in the first two semesters MSEE at Air University offers three areas of specialization. They are Radar Systems Engineering, Digital Communication Systems and Control Systems. The course work comprise of four core courses The core courses are designed to give breadth in Electrical Engineering and give flavor of all the three areas of specialization. The four elective courses provide depth in the chosen area of specialization and lay foundation for future work during doctoral studies Department of Electrical Engineering has ten well-equipped laboratories with modern and computer based training systems in Digital Signal Processing, Telecommunication, Antenna, Microwave, Telecomm Networks and Control systems Graduate Research and Computing Labs of Institute of Avionics and Aeronautics at Air University are also available for the thesis work A well-endowed library provides free on-line access to all the resources offered by IEEE and HEC Students can download any paper with full text from any of the IEEE publications Air University has also access to the on-line digital library provided by the Higher Education Commission AU library has sufficient stock of the most modern books in the field of Electrical Engineering Special quite rooms are provided to the researchers in the library to conduct research in the most conducive environment Wide range of computing facilities is also available to the students.

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