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MS in Applied Physics


MS program focuses on Renewable energy, Nano Science & Technology and Computational Physics in which physicist and engineers could join hands for producing qualified manpower for meeting the growing demand of professionals in these areas. The program will require approximately two years for completing an MS degree. Its graduates trained in the experimental, theoretical, and computational aspects of material science and technology are expected to be active members of interdisciplinary teams for identifying, formulating and solving problems of national interest. This program is for candidates with 16 years of education in a related discipline (M.Sc Physics/ BS Physics/ BS Engineering) and GAT-General with minimum 50 percent marks. The two year program consists of 24 credits of course work followed by 6 credits of research work. The first semester comprises three core courses. The second semester comprises of one core course, one specialization and one elective course. The third comprises of one specialization and one elective course along with research work whereas the fourth semester is dedicated for research thesis. MS Applied Physics is an evening program; classes are conducted between 03:00-08:00 pm.