Research Collaborations

The International Strategic Partnerships in Research and Education (INSPIRE)

The INSPIRE Grant, a partnership between Cambridge University and Air University. It will facilitate adoption of Cambridge University’s seven undergraduate and a graduate level engineering courses.It will also assist faculty members from all departments of AU to establish one-to-one research links with faculty members at Cambridge University. Three joint seminars will be conducted at AU by Cambridge University faculty members. It will help establish an institution level collaboration between AU and University of Cambridge by signing a MoU. The Air University Team consists of Dr. Ibraheem Haneef, Dr. Jehanzeb Masud and Dr. Khalid M. Tahir while the University of Cambridge is represented by Prof. Florin Udrea, Prof. Howard Hodson and Dr. Rob Miller. Michigan State University, USA .

Air University is also pursuing research collaboration with Michigan State University, USA in the field of Maple-seed Robotic Flyers. King Saud University, KSA .

Air University has recently initiated research collaboration with King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in the field of autonomous vehicles. University of Cambridge, UK.

Air University is pursuing a joint research project with University of Cambridge UK, the top-ranked university of the world, under the auspices of the prestigious British Council / HEC INSPIRE grant for research in the domain of micro-sensors/MEMS for energy

University of Nottingham, UK

AU Computer Science Department has an active research link with Center of Plant and Integrated Biology (CPIB), University of Nottingham, UK: A total grant of 9.6 million pounds was allocated to the project’, in which automatic tracking of plants root growth through temporal images was carried out by calculating the growth rates and studying the effects of stimuli like gravity, chemical light.

Umm-Al-Qura University, KSA

In collaboration with Umm-Al-Qura University KSA, AU has been involved in development of Automatic Decision Support System for Crowd Estimation & Management in Masjid Al Haram, Saudi Arabia: A grant of 122,000 US$ was awarded for this work by Hajj Core, Kingdom of Saudi Arab.