National ICT Research Grant

Under the National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative (Ministry of Information Technology, Government of Pakistan) 2012-13, funding of Rs. 288,750 was approved for three BS final year projects in the Computer Science department.
Short Courses
A Faculty member can avail those courses which will enhance his subject development or in the pedagogy of that particular subject. For Indigenous courses the university will pay for the entire course. Over the past few years, AU has proven itself as a successful R & D organization. Therefore, many of the universities all over the world have shown their trust in AU by involving it in many International level projects.
Following are the details:
(a) The International Strategic Partnerships in Research and Education (INSPIRE) Grant The INSPIRE Grant A partnership between Cambridge University and Air University, is for a duration of three years and is valued at UKĀ£ 52,363. It will facilitate adoption of Cambridge University’s seven undergraduate and a graduate level engineering courses.It will also assist faculty members from all departments of AU to establish one-to-one research links with faculty members at Cambridge University. Three joint seminars will be conducted at AU by Cambridge University faculty members. It will help establish an institution level collaboration between AU and University of Cambridge by signing a MoU. The Air University Team consists of Dr. Ibraheem Haneef, Dr. Jehanzeb Masud and Dr. Khalid M. Tahir while the University of Cambridge is represented by Prof. Florin Udrea, Prof. Howard Hodson and Dr. Rob Miller.
(b) Khana-Ka’aba (Masjad al Haram) Project: Crowd Dynamics Project for Masjid-E-Haram (KhanaKaba) from Hajj Core 2011 Mekka, Saudi Arabia. Dr. Asad Naeem, Chair Dept, Computer Science and Engineering, won a project from the Saudi government for studying crowd dynamics including crowd density and movement calculations and creating a crowd management system using videos from multiple cameras. Dr. Asad Naeem is currently working with a professor from Al-Qurrah University Mekkah, Saudi Arabia. The duration is 12 months and worth 10 million rupees.
(c) Research Collaboration with University of Nottingham, UK Plant Physiology for Mutant Plants (Gene Alteration) Dr. Asad Naeem and Mr. Omer Ishaq works in close collaboration with University of Nottingham, UK on a BBSRS funded 10 million GBP plus project in order to alter plant genes to create mutants that can survive in hostile and uncultivable areas to increase earth’s capacity for human population.
(d) ICT COMPPEC 2011: All Pakistan Innovative Research Competition Dr. Asad Naeem and Mr. Omer Ishaq won the 2ndand 3rd prizes consecutively for the innovative research category for two research works presented at this event. This was held at EME College at NUST 2011. Other Research collaborations of AU with international institutions / organizations are as follows:

PI / Co-PI of AU’s Collaboration with International Organization PI / Co-PI of Foreign Institution Status Title of the Project Purpose of Linkage Funding Source Funding Amount (Million Rs)
Dr Ibraheem Haneef
Jehanzeb Masud
Dr Kahlid M Tahir
Prof Florin Udrea Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK
In Progress (2011-2014) To adopt University of Cambridge graduate courses at Air University and To develop a micro sensor for performance measurement of energy systems To develop a strategic partnership between Air University, Pakistan and University of Cambridge, UK under INSPIRE program HEC/ British Council 5.37
Dr Khalid M Tahir Prof Florin Udrea Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge,UK
Nov 2011 Development of Air University’s Knowledge Exchange (KEx) Strategy To develop Air University’s Knowledge Exchange (KEx) Strategy British Council 0.3