Director's Message

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the university, I am excited to welcome you to the office of innovation, Research and commercialization website link. Research and innovation are now recognized as powerful drivers of economic development. Here you will find a wealth of information about our program and the opportunities we have for innovative and driven students. I invite you to explore all that the ORIC has to offer.

The development of this program centers around several indicators that suggest that Pakistani. innovation is lacking in key areas of our society and may account for the financial, health, industrial, and manufacturing lags that we have seen in the past several years. The ORIC is a leading-edge program designed to seek to bridge the innovation gap between ideas and reality and will encourage innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship locally, nationally and internationally while maximizing the resources at one of the nation’s most prestigious research universities .ORIC is accomplished by reclamation scientists and engineers who, together with a broad array of outside partners, undertake innovative research and technical investigations.

We strive to shorten the path between basic research and application of the new knowledge where we hope to get the information generated by research as soon as possible into the hands of end users and the industry.

By exploring pioneering diversified areas of technologies, we aim to promote multi-disciplinary research on emerging issues across academia and application domains. We therefore welcome the industry and all our potential partners out there to work and collaborate with us and benefit from our pioneering technology and update knowledge in engineering.

AU Faculty & students are invited to push past what has already been established and work toward reaching long term goals for a better nation, and a better world. Much has been said about innovation but Walt Disney put it best when he said, “It's kind of fun to do the impossible.” I invite you to join us and together turn ideas into reality.