PhD English Literature & Linguistics


The Air University PhD in English specializes in English Literature and linguistics for candidates interested in pursuing advanced studies in these fields. Essentially a continuation the MS/MPhil offered by the department, this program provides students with a wide background in literature and in theoretical and applied linguistics through research-oriented courses.


To provide opportunities for critical thinking through analysis and the application of theory to issues in language and literature relevant to Pakistan. The objectives of the program are in line with the vision of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan to promote informed decision-making, effective citizenship and leadership.

 Program Length

Full time attendance for two semesters of 18 Credit Hours followed by a flexible period extendable to maximum of four years for developing a scholarly dissertation under the supervision of a qualified supervisor.


Mature candidates interested in working towards the PhD Degree in English Studies.


(1) End of semester examination (2) Dissertation passed by a panel of examiners (including two foreign evaluators) (3) Viva-voice examination in accordance with the University's procedures (4) At least one research paper published in a journal recognized by the Higher Education Commission.

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