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PhD Management Sciences
PhD Management Sciences
This programme is primarily designed for candidates taking academia as their career as well as for those who want mid-level or senior positions in corporate research. Candidates are offered specialization in fields such as Finance, Marketing and Human Resource Management.
Programme Details
Course Work
Course work of 18 credit hours preferably in the first year is required, followed by a comprehensive examination for granting candidacy as a PhD.
Comprehensive Examination
Comprehensive Exam is a mandatory requirement for doctoral candidates as per the HEC guidelines. The examination will be held after completion of coursework (usually within 18 months after the student begins his/her doctoral program). Successful completion of the Comprehensive Examination is a requirement for the said program, and precedes defense of the PhD research proposal. Both the comprehensive exam and the PhD research proposal must be completed before a student can be granted Doctoral Candidacy status.
Dissertation Defense
The candidate shall have to defend his/her research proposal in a Proposal Defense Examination (PDE) in front of the GEC in at most two attempts.
Foreign Expert Evaluation
The PhD Dissertation must be evaluated by at least two PhD experts from technologically/academically advanced foreign countries in addition to local Committee’s evaluation.
Plagiarism Check
The Plagiarism Check shall be conducted on the Dissertation before its submission to two foreign experts
Open Defense
An open defense of Dissertation shall be required after positive evaluation of Thesis.
Research Paper
Acceptance/publication of at least one research paper in an HEC approved “Y” category journal is a requirement for the award of PhD degree.
The minimum time required for the completion of PhD degree is four years and the maximum time allowed is six years.