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Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) in Electrical Engineering
Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) in Electrical Engineering
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering is 48 credit hours programme beyond Masters Degree. Students are required to complete a minimum of six courses of 7xx/8xx level, equivalent of 18 credit hours from their chosen area of specialization. These courses are to be selected from the list of Elective courses described below. Students are required to have at least three courses with 8xx course code. They are also required to conduct research and submit their findings in terms of a Ph.D. dissertation equivalent of 30 credit hours. Satisfactory performance in the course work as well as the Ph.D. dissertation is must to successfully fulfil the requirements for the award of the Ph.D. degree.
Department of Electrical Engineering offers Ph.D. degree programme in three areas of specialization, namely Radar Systems Engineering, Digital Communication Systems and Intelligent Systems & Control. The course work is designed to give in-depth knowledge in the chosen area of specialization. It prepares the students for Doctoral Qualifying Examination and lays the foundation for high quality research in the selected area.
The Doctoral Qualifying Examination (DQE) is conducted by the Department after the completion of the coursework. A student will have three chances to pass DQE. Students failing to clear DQE in three attempts will be separated from the programme.
After passing the DQE, a student will work on his/her research proposal and request for Proposal Defense Examination (PDE). Student will formally defend his/her proposal in front of Doctoral Examination Committee (DEC).
The candidate must have at least one article published or accepted in a HEC-approved international journal to take Final Defence Examination (FDE) of the Ph.D. degree programme. Final requirement for FDE to take place is reception of two positive reports about student’s research work from international scholars in the field. The Ph.D. degree is expected to be completed in four years. The maximum time allowed for the Ph.D. programme is six years. The minimum time required for completion of Ph.D. degree requirement is 3 years.