Message from Chair Department

With the vision to be recognized as a hub of innovative academic programs, Department of Business Studies at Air University is uniquely configured to prepare students to make enduring contributions to the organizations and to the society. Integrated within an outstanding knowledge system of Air University, Department of Business Studies at Air University offers a broad portfolio of undergraduate and graduate programs. Department of Business Studies resides at the intersection of ethics, business and technology—preparing its students to manage and transform increasingly, technology-intensive business environment. Solid corporate Linkages in conjunction with intensive case study pedagogy, allow Department of Business Studies to offer programs that are relevant to present business needs and produce graduates that are ready to compete in the market. Correct evaluation of business situation and right decision making are valued more than ever before in the world of Business and Department of Business Studies provides an extensive set of decision making exercises in each program. We also make our students undergo an extensive experiential learning program and continuous interaction with industry leaders to provide value adding exposure. I encourage potential candidates to explore the educational experience that employers value and that is only available at Department of Business Studies at Air University. I welcome firms to build partnership with us to improve the skills and knowledge of our students / their future employees. I request all of our alumni to engage with us to further build upon the accomplishments of Department of Business Studies. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon!

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Dr. Amir Ishaque
 Acting Chair Department DBS