Chair's Message

The motivation behind establishing a separate department for graduate studies is to shed light on the vital need of pursuing research-based degrees at graduate and postgraduate level. The current paradigm of corporate and academia needs much focus and attention on research-based degree programs from the various aspects in order to add value to each domain.

Moreover, there is a great opportunity for the Masters and PhD students seeking a thriving, cross cutting, educational and multi-disciplinary research environment offered at AUSOM. Additionally, we have world class, trained, proficient faculty which is capable of providing enrich knowledge and understanding of research by multiple innovative methods which helps you to be prosperous in your careers. Therefore, I welcome you all to join AUSOM for exceling your careers and get an opportunity to serve your best in the business and economy by contributing your research outputs.

Today, our alumni are serving at different leadership positions in various private, public, multinational, government, profit and nonprofit organizations. This distinctive position attained by AUSOM would not have been possible without the dedication and untiring efforts of a professional team. The students, faculty members, administrative staff, and the University management cohesively form the closely aligned core of this team. Together we ensure a culture of continuous learning, flexibility, friendliness, and discipline.

We will make your journey with AUSOM a memorable one where you are not only enlightened with the theoretical knowledge, but are prepared to contribute positively to your professions, and to this great country that we all are privileged to live in.

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Dr. Noshaba Batool
Chair, DGS