Department of Graduate Studies

Air University School of Management has been offering various degree programs at Graduate and Post-Graduate Level since numerous years which includes MS in Business Analytics, MS in Project Management, MS in Management Sciences and PhD in Management Sciences. In line with the AUSOM vision which states “AUSOM is recognized nationally for innovative and outstanding academic programs and quality research”. AUSOM is offering high quality teaching with innovative methods and research techniques which can enhance learner’s skills and capabilities which may require in today’s fast growing and competitive work environment in order to achieve success. However, the basic aim and goal is to prepare competitive and skilled leaders in order to lift their careers in every domain with multiple specialization to excel in corporate or academia.

Moreover, AUSOM owns excellent faculty from numerous backgrounds which holds International and National degrees and serving the skills which have been acquired around the globe. These degree programs can advance the knowledge in a way which is market need and required in current business trends. In addition, AUSOM is not offering only quality teaching but also large number of facilities and healthy environment which can help the graduates to smoothly complete their degree programs successfully and effectively.

Brief Programs Details

- MS in Business Analytics is an advanced and phenomenal field which is used for effective decision making and innovative data managing in order to generate predictive analysis and gain potential opportunities of success which may not be seen in a raw data. It may help the graduates to hands on the management of data in various statistical techniques and tools which may drive various useful outputs.

- MS in Project Management helps graduates in a way to think critically and implement theories and methodologies in real-life situations and cultivate the knowledge and skills necessary to complete project-based work in diverse industries. Moreover, project management can provide an in depth understanding of learning how to plan, organize, and control every step of a given project and achieving goals and troubleshooting problems in time successfully.

- MS in Management Sciences is a research based degree programs which enable the intellectual capacity of the scholar in order to learn and enhance the understanding of research techniques and advanced software’s which may help them to serve the economy and business with particular solutions towards rising problems and to explore the veiled knowledge.

- PhD in Management Sciences can help the graduate to enhance, advanced, cultivate research skills and capabilities in an innovative and progressive method which can lead them to be an impactful research scholar which can contribute into research knowledge in an effective manner which can be beneficial for the society and the business.