Department of Biomedical Engineering


I welcome you all to the biomedical engineering department at air university Islamabad. I am really excited to chair this newly established department. Biomedical engineering was started in 2019 after getting the approval from Pakistan engineering council.

Biomedical Engineering is unique. It integrates engineering principles, methods, and techniques applied in medicine and biology to invent and develop the latest engineering technologies that will lead to the advancement of mankind. Biomedical Engineering is for those who love to learn about the systems of the human body with an engineering approach and want to serve humanity with technology.

The Biomedical Engineering department is being established with faculty and staff having professional degrees of Ph.D, Masters, and bachelor’s in biomedical engineering. The faculty’s aim is to educate students with the basic and core courses of Biomedical Engineering on an undergraduate & graduate level. We have five state of the art dedicated biomedical engineering Laboratories named biomedical instrumentation, Biomedical signal processing, basic and biomedical electronics, Biomaterial, and biomechanics. Along with the core biomedical lab we also share the state-of-the-art labs with mechatronic engineering, Electrical engineering, and physics departments. Our students also use the lab infrastructure and clinical setup of Fazaia Medical College (FMC) and recently established state of the art Fazaia Hospital.

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Dr. Eng. Zia Mohy Ud Din

Along with the traditional engineering knowledge and equipment (e.g., ECG, EMG, EEG, spectrophotometer, hematology, and chemistry analyser), we are using unconventional ways of teaching modern skills to our students. The Biomedical Engineering department is the only department in Pakistan using oculus for education. We have the latest 3D printers for biocompatible material printing, and electrode pattern designing. The students use high-quality data acquisition cards to acquire the physiological signal from the human body and apply the modern signal processing and machine learning techniques at the biomedical signal processing lab.

From the start of the biomedical engineering department, we emphasize scientific research and the latest trends in biomedical engineering. Our dedicated faculty is always looking for research funding. We recently got two research funding, one from the National Center of Artificial Intelligence (NCAI) and the other from the National Center of Robotics and Automation. We have mainly two research groups in the biomedical engineering department. The biomedical instrumentation research group is working on designing and developing diagnostic/therapeutic devices and physiological measurements. The Biomaterial research group focused on smart materials, hydrogels, and soft robotics.

We are focusing on promoting the research and development culture of Pakistan. I would love to answer your queries related to biomedical engineering. Please feel free to contact me.