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Welcome to the Biomedical Engineering!

Human Body is one of the most complex engineering designs. Through experimentation, investigation and observation people understand that engineers work as a bridge between science and society while all engineering discipline use scientific discoveries to solve complex practical issues of life. Biomedical Engineering is unique. It integrates engineering principles, methods and techniques applied in medicine and biology in order to invent and develop latest engineering technologies that will lead to the advancement in mankind. Biomedical Engineering is for those who love to learn about the systems of human body with engineering approach and want to serve the humanity with technology.

There are many sub-disciplines within biomedical engineering, which includes the medical device design and development, biomechanics, Biomimetic systems, orthopedic implants, prosthetics, biomedical imaging, neural engineering, biomedical signal processing, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, clinical engineering, stem cell engineering and rehabilitation engineering.

Biomedical Engineering department is being established with faculty and staff having professional degrees of PhD, Masters and Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering. The faculty’s aim is to educate students with the basic and core courses of Biomedical Engineering on an undergraduate level and also make them capable of designing and solving complex engineering problems. They are also trained to inculcate research skills in students, along with carrying out research independently and with their colleagues in team.

As mentioned earlier among many sub-disciplines of biomedical engineering; prosthetics, rehabilitation engineering, artificial intelligence and control systems are also very important streams in mechatronics engineering. Both fields share many same electronics, programming and control streams, making both the fields closely linked with each other. The demands of current and future technologies require engineers that have interdisciplinary skills. The Mechatronics Engineering was established in Air University in 2003, having strong roots. This gives the opportunity to Biomedical Engineering program to flourish under their umbrella, running alongside and being named Mechatronics and Biomedical Department.

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Dr. Zia Mohy Ud Din