09 Jan 2020

Launch Of AIR University’s First Ever E-Magazine – LIKHERATURE

On 9th January, 2020, Air University's former Vice Chancellor AVM (R) Faaiz Amir, together with the Head of Student Affairs, Ma'am Fazaila Ali Qazi officially launched the Air University's Writers' Club's long sought E-Magazine, by the versatile name of 'Likherature'.

The core members of the society - President Usama Sabir, General Secretary Mehrunisa Usman, Joint Secretaries Ahmer Zaman and Sadia Arshad, Chief Editor Momina Arif, Decor Head Basma Nasir and Creative Director Irteza Shahbaz - had spent the entire course of the Fall semester 2019 meticulously planning and subsequently presenting their ideas in numerous board meetings with the Head of Student Affairs and then the entire Board of Directors, Deans and Head of Departments of Air University. Their invaluable input was taken into account to refine and hone the edges of this grand initiative.

The basic purport behind a student-run, non-profit magazine like Likherature is to help Air University take the first bold step in its literary journey. In the ceremony, the Vice Chancellor expressed his personal affiliation towards literature by enlightening the attendees of his own family's magazine, which ran a decade strong. He envisioned to see Air University amongst those institutions whose literature made them timeless.