05 Nov 2020

Air University has signed an MoU with TechAvenue Pvt Ltd to collaborate in the areas of cyber security, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Vice Chancellor Air University, Registrar, Directors and Dean FCAI graced the MoU signing ceremony while TechAvenue Pvt Ltd Team was represented by Mr. Obaid Ul Haq (CEO), Mr. Mohammad Ismail (CTO), Mr. Shehryar Javed (Manager HR) and Ms. Nadia (AM HR). Director ORIC Air Cdre (R) Afzaal A. Khan (Air University) and Mr. Obaid Ul Haq (TechAveue Pvt Ltd) signed the MoU draft. Both the signatories expressed their interest and willingness to promote joint research and development activities in the abovementioned fields while identifying other mutually beneficial areas of interests including internship & training opportunities for students/staff, and also to explore possibilities for onward commercialization and adoption of their mutually conducted R&D work.