ReCyP:HER (Rethinking Cyber Security in Pakistan: Human Factors Essential Role)

Project Partners

University of Saarland


Air University in Islamabad



Institute of Business Administration in Karachi





National University of Science and Technology in Islamabad


Cybersecurity Center an der Boğaziçi University in Istanbul



Simulation: Password Hygiene Training

Simulation: Spoofing Game

Spoofing Game

The primary objective of this game is to raise awareness and educate students, tech-literate as well as non-tech-savvy people about website spoofing and how such vulnerabilities invite trouble. We want to instill in them the basic knowledge of how to smartly and securely manage their data online. The goal of the exercise is to bridge the gap that exists between a common user of the internet and a safe browsing space. We believe by doing so we can also encourage users to spread the word and encourage their peers to browse safely.