Admission Schedule
Application Deadline ( All Programs) Tuesday 2nd August, 2022
Islamabad CBT Phase-III
Out-Stations CBT
AU Kamra Campus
AU Multan Campus
Monday 1st August & Friday 5th August, 2022

28th - 29th July, 2022 Thursday-Friday
29th July, 2022 Friday
29th July, 2022 Friday
MS & PhD Programs
GAT (GEN/SUB) through NTS
6th August, 2022 (Saturday)
Announcement of Merit List and Payment Schedule (U/G Programs)
Announcement of merit score and portal open to change Program Preferences 6th - 10th August, 2022 (Upto 1630 Hours)
Announcement of 1st Merit List 11th August, 2022
Fee deadline 1st list 16th August, 2022
Announcement of 2nd Merit List 17th August, 2022
Fee deadline 2nd list 22nd August, 2022
Announcement of 3rd Merit List 23rd August, 2022
Fee deadline 3rd list 26th August, 2022
Announcement of 4th & onwards Merit List 29th August, 2022
Announcement of Merit List and Payment Schedule (MS/ M.Phil & PhD Programs)
Interviews 17th-19th August, 2022
Announcement of 1st list 29th August, 2022
Due date 1st list 2nd September, 2022
Announcement of 2nd list 5th September, 2022
Due date 8th September, 2022
Orientation Day 12th September, 2022 (Monday)
1st Day of Classes 13th September, 2022 (Tuesday)

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