Academic Advisory

Academic advising is considered as in which each student gains information regarding course matters, scheme of studies, course specialization, and access to other academic resources, like institutional policies required to be followed by the students. Similarly, at Air University, Academic advising is provided at each department level. Senior faculty members Are designated as class advisors for every class section of all the batches at the start of each academic year.

Academic Advisory is a comprehensive strategy. It provides all relevant information necessary for his/her education, resources for learning, and guidance in a systematic and technologically assisted manner.

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QEC 14 April 2022 1 of 5

The academic advisory is student-centric, therefore each student is monitored and tracked at each level of class advisory, HOD, and Deans. All students who need guidance; assistance or even extra coaching are highlighted at midterm.

The education system facilitates to identify the support needed by weak students. These students must be provided the required support before their end exams.

Contact Details: Academic Advisors Office /Head of Department