With the rising need of individuals to adapt to environments plagued by rapid change, ambiguity, uncertainty, and technological advancement, faculty, staff & students must also cope with a myriad of personal and psychological problems that range from basic adjustment and developmental, academic and learning, and career concerns to clinical-level mental illness.

Within higher education, there exists general consensus that the ubiquitous role of academic, career, personal and psychological counseling is to contribute to student development, adjustment, and learning while preventing dangerous and self-defeating behavior, thus enabling the individual to thrive in the university community. The need to confront the daunting task of serving the needs of a highly diverse campus. A comprehensive view of counseling within higher education reveals a set of role domains that include academic, career and psychological counseling.

Not all HEIs share this systemic perspective. Some define counseling within the strict confines of academics, devoid of a mental health dimension, offering only educational, career, and developmental services. Others adopt a more inclusive perspective of counseling during professional degrees–one that incorporates all domains. This holistic view of counseling enables services to reach and assist a vast majority of the campus community while contributing to an environment of support and encouragement.

Following areas are catered to under Counseling & Advisory services offered at Air University:

  • a. Academic Advisory
  • b. Career Advisory
  • c. Centre for Counseling & Psychological Wellbeing