Message of the Dean

Research at Air University conducted by Faculty Members, and Graduate students enrolled in PhD and MS Programs, encompasses cutting-edge technologies in the applied sciences and engineering, avionics, social sciences, management sciences,cyber security and artificial intelligence .

The Air University Journal of Graduate Research (AUJoGR) has been initiated to provide a platform for Graduate Researchers; I would welcome you to submit your work on the prescribed Template. I hope this will be an important window to the world for you. Looking forward to your contributions!

In management sciences, research is being conducted in Finance, Management, Marketing and HR while in the social sciences, the focus is on applied linguistics, literature and psychology

The University hosts the National Centre for Cyber Security (NCSS) where applied systems in networks and forensics are developed. Other active groups are involved in advanced compact energy systems, automation, prosthetics and brain-computer interface.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is your gateway to making contact with our research programs.You are invited to learn more and visit the webpages of the various different departments at AU.

For prospective students, enrolled in PhD and MS programs, this page links you with Air University’s graduate programs and research in progress by faculty members and PhD scholars as well as MS students. In case a research topic interests you, it is best that you go to the department link where individual faculty member pages will give you more detail. A PhD is all about finding the supervisor that matches your interests, so as a first step, you could go into the department pages and establish contact. The Office of Graduate Studies welcomes you to a graduate program at Air University where we have a conducive environment for higher studies, an elaborate information resource infrastructure as well as a beautiful green campus in the picturesque capital city of Islamabad. I assure you this will be a worthwhile undertaking which you will remember with happiness all your life.

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Prof. Dr. Zafar Ullah Koreshi

P.E Pakistan Engineering Council
Life Member Pakistan Nuclear Sociey
HEC approved Supervisor Member ASME
Associate Editor, ASME Journal of
Nuclear Engineering and
Radiation Science

For students currently enrolled in a MS/PhD program, this page gives you links to all Graduate research and documents such as Forms for the various stages in your research including formation of the Graduate and Evaluation Committee, Proposal Defence and Final Defence. Also available are Policy documents pertaining to MS and PhD programs and AU Standardized PhD/MS Thesis template as well as a Guide for PhD Supervisors.’

In case of any further queries, the Office of Graduate Studies is always available to facilitate and guide you in whatever questions you may have about your possible graduate pathways