Faculty of Aerospace and Strategic Studies (FASS) - Introduction

The discipline of Strategic Studies is a subset of International Relations and Political Science. Strategy concerns itself with the use of elements of power as an instrument of policy to achieve as well as protect a nation’s geo-political, economic, social and other interests. It is the plan of action for utilizing capacity to coerce and influence - in conjunction with political, economic, diplomatic, military, social and psychological instruments of power - to achieve intended outcomes.

The Department of Strategic Studies (DSS) at the Faculty of Aerospace and Strategic Studies (FASS) offers a Masters of Science in Strategic Studies (MS-SS) (18-Years). The MS-SS is a great academic program for fresh undergraduate students, officers of the Pakistan Air Force and other services, the Intelligence/Security community, civil servants and CSOs. It offers advanced courses on strategic studies, along with research opportunities across the spectrum of contemporary strategic issues. Learning and research at DSS is accomplished by a highly qualified faculty which has both academic and practitioner experience. Students of MS-SS will be able to learn the discipline’s theory, engage in its discourse, and conduct academic research.

DSS also offers a Bachelors of Science in International Relations (BS-IR). The Discipline of International Relations is a multidimensional program of study, which examines the relations between actors in the international system and the history, processes, influences, interests, concerns, etc. that govern the relationships between them. It seeks to equip the student with an understanding of how the various elements that constitute an international system function and behave, and aims to lay the foundation for both historical introspection and political analysis.

The BS-IR undergraduate degree accepts students from a variety of academic backgrounds and provides a qualified faculty that prepares them to understand the world around them by grounding them in basic concepts in history, politics, current affairs, IR theory etc. The teaching process is aimed at equipping students with the tools needed to form an informed analysis and make their own contribution towards international relations’ discourse.”