About Air University Central Library

The Air University Central Library aims to enrich learning, teaching and research Programs of the University by providing timely access to high quality scholarly information and learning material in a variety of formats. With this mission in mind, the library aims to be a premier provider of knowledge- based information resources and user- focused services. Located in a large multi-story dedicated building, the library has a print collection of more than 15844 volumes. About 51 serial publications and 07 newspapers are on subscription list. Campus wide access to more than 22,000 electronic journals and more than 140,000 e-books is available through the HECs National Digital Library Program. In addition to students, faculty and other administrative staff members of the University, the library offers paid membership to PAF personnel, academicians and research scholars. There are 06 discussion rooms for group study and 56 fully equipped study carrels and 70 computers for researchers.