Computing At - AIR University

Air University provides high-quality IT services to University students, faculty and staff members.

  • Computer Labs

  • We have Fifteen (15) computer labs and one (1) language lab which are equipped with 510 high specs desktop computers. These computers include Corei7, Corei5 computers. All computers are centrally connected on domain based network. These labs provide the facilities of internet, intranet, individuals email address, individual secure profiles and separate storage areas. Students have access to computer labs from 8:00am till 9:00pm six days a week (Monday to Saturday). Highly qualified lab staff is always available there to help students in their daily problems.

  • Local Area Network (LAN)

  • University file server through which students and faculty exchange their assignments and also download necessary software and other data. Students email accounts are linked with Google Apps in which they have been provided a space of 5 TB for their emails and documents sharing. University staff and faculty are also provided with separate email accounts which are locally hosted in University.

  • Internet Facility

  • A High speed Internet connection of 465 Mbps bandwidth is available for students and faculty. This PERN internet facility is available not only in labs but also on wireless network (AUHOTSPOT) through which students can access internet from anywhere in the university premises. The PERN allows students and faculty to access number of internationally recognized E-Journals. The PERN link also provides facility to link 72 Pakistani universities through PERN Intranet.

  • Hotspots

  • “AU Hotspots” is created to provide the campus wide wireless internet access. Hotspots cloud is available in lawns, cafeteria and in parking lots. A high quality video conferencing facility is also available in campus to share lectures with other national and international universities. AU Multan Campus also has same facilities. All university blocks are interlinked on optical fiber network. University also launches “Laptop for All” scheme from time to time. Through which student and staff of the University can acquire a laptop computer on easy installments of 1 to 3 years. This payment is without any interest or markup and the university itself arranges funds for this scheme. Class rooms are equipped with Multimedia and OH Projectors. With the collaboration of Higher Education Commission, all students and staff members are provided original software for their personal user. This project is known as “Microsoft for All”.

  • Language Laboratory

  • AU is committed to improve communication skills of the students. For this purpose a sophisticated language laboratory has been established equipped with language desks through computers. This state-of-the-art equipment with 40 booths for students helps a lot to improve communication skills of students.