Dr. Sohail Iqbal - Research Project

Industrial Research Projects (completed)

  • -Design and fabrication of Canal top solar panel system, 2020. NGIRI, IGNITE National Technology Fund, 1 year, Rs.76,160.(Completed)
  • -Design and Fabrication of Dual Axis Solar Tracker Incorporated with camera Sensing Technology, 2021. NGIRI, IGNITE National Technology Fund, 1 year Rs. 142,620. (Completed)
  • -Design and development of autonomous plowing and leveling robot, 1 year. (Completed)
  • -Development of a lower limb exoskeleton, NCRA, 10 Million, 1 year (Completed).
  • -Design and development of autonomous plantation robot including both seeding and seedlings, 1 year. (Completed)
  • -Development of pest detection and elimination robot through targeted spraying mechanism, 1 year. (Completed)
  • -Design and development of autonomous weed detection and elimination robot using precision spraying mechanism, 1 year. (Completed)
  • -Design and analysis of MEMS based capacitive accelerometer with anti-spring structures, 2020, 2 years. (Completed)
  • -Design and development of an efficient piezo-electric energy harvester, 2021, 2 years. (Completed)
  • -Design and analysis of a MEMS based microgripper using displacement amplification mechanism and force sensing techniques, 2021, 2 years. (Completed)
  • -Design and Development of a MEMS based efficient multipurpose microgripper with four jaws, 2019, 2 years. (Completed)
  • -Design and development of micro electromagnetic energy harvester using displacement amplification and bi-stable mechanism, 2 years. (Completed)

Industrial Research Projects (In Progress)
  • -Study on the characteristic of the liquid milk-bacteria particles liquid-solid two-phase flow in microchannel of MEMS sensor and the real-time detection method of particles, 4.0 Million, Pakistan Science foundations and National Natural National Natural Science Foundation China.
  • -Design Study and proof of concept of tube launched mini UAV, RAC, NESCOM, 0.5 Million.