Message of the Department Chair
Welcome to the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

The Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, abbreviated as DMAE, is a renown and well-established department having highly qualified faculty, an elegant and modern infrastructure, well-equipped laboratories and allied academic facilities. Our program is the first mechanical engineering program in any public or private institute in Pakistan which was established by a team of multi-disciplinary faculty combining the strength of both aerospace and mechanical engineering.

The department offers undergraduate and graduate education in two disciplines, Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering, to prepare engineers for effective contribution towards the social and economic well-being of the nation and the society at large.

Our BE Mechanical Engineering program is one of the most sought-after program among the engineering students. Over last 12 years, on average more than 1500 applicants apply every year for admission to our BE Mechanical Engineering Program against 80 available seats, bringing the admission applications’ success ratio as competitive as 5-6%.

DMAE is focused on producing graduates who will go on to become leaders in their chosen field and help contribute to the society. To further enrich the learning experience of our students, the department regularly hosts international seminars and various workshops on topics related to mechanical and aerospace engineering, with the intent to bring awareness of the latest technological advancements and engineering innovations in these fields among its faculty and students.

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Dr. Jehanzeb Masud

Our highly qualified and experienced faculty is also continuously working with industry and has successfully completed various projects funded by the private industry and public research & development (R&D) organizations.

After graduating from DMAE, our alumni have gone on to work at various business enterprises, industries, and strategic and defense research institutes throughout the country. Many of them are also working in foreign countries for multinational companies. A large number of DMAE alumni also continue their higher education in the top ranked universities in technologically advanced countries like USA, UK, Germany, China, Japan, Australia and South Korea etc. We expect our graduates to have a wonderful and prosperous time at DMAE where they can develop themselves to become successful professional engineers and future leaders in their respective careers.