Research Projects

S.No Title Principle Investigator Funding Organization Funding Amount (PKR) Outcome
1 Automatic Blood Group Detection Unit Dr. Zia Mohy Ud Din Ignite 3.623 million Granted
2 Portable X-ray Illuminator with Camera interface Dr. Zia Mohy Ud Din TDF 1 million Granted
3 Artificial Intelligence Based Cardiac Monitoring System with Biotelemetry Dr. Zia Mohy Ud Din NCAI 8.962 million Granted

Project Brief

This project is based on the design and implementation of a wireless digital stethoscope to acquire the heart sound, ECG and PPG, which can perform automatic disease diagnosis of the patient using the state-of-the-art deep learning techniques. The proposed device uses sustainable energy and will be portable. It will act as a plug-and-play tool, which will be available to assist doctors in performing real-time disease diagnosis and analysis.

By using data storage along with the corresponding predictions by the proposed scheme and recording the respective patients’ history, a nationwide repository can be established, which could be extremely helpful in post-analysis for a large population of patients. State-of-the-art deep learning techniques are used for time series analysis, which can be employed to extract useful information from this data. This information can then be used by Pakistani healthcare providers and research-oriented health institutes to take necessary measures to minimize the occurrence of such diseases

Left to Right: Combined PCB: Electrocardiogram PCB: Phonocardiogram PCB: Photoplethysmogram PCB


Data Acquisition Setup

4 Biocompatible Shape Memory Polymer Based Soft Actuator for Biomedical Applications with dual operation in Aquatic-Terrestrial Environments Dr. Jahan Zeb Gul NCRA 9.4 million Granted

Project Brief

The project objective is the design and development of a light weight, thermally powered muscle based soft actuator. The proposed actuator should work in both terrestrial and underwater environments. The proposed actuator can also be used for biomedical applications.


Device Prototype with Size Comparison