The Department of Humanities is a vibrant department with professionally skilled, highly qualified and energetically motivated faculty. BS, MS/MPhil and PhD in Linguistics and Literature are the leading programs of the Department of Humanities. Based on a blend of two major areas comprising Linguistics and Literature, these programs provide the scholars with a sound theoretical knowledge complemented with hands on practice in the form of intensive and activities carried out during the extensive research period.

We also offer a variety of need-based courses to provide the most effective and up-to-date skills to the undergraduate and graduate students of other departments of the university including Engineering, Business and Basic Sciences. The Department ensures reinforcement of classroom teaching through modern teaching techniques and state-of-the-art technology available in language laboratories and computer-aided programs. The primary goal of the Department is personal, academic and professional grooming of the students inspired by the values of humanism – intended as a guiding principle combined with innovation through cultural, social, political and economic processes. Personal education is entrusted to the effective functioning of structures and services, within a perspective of exemplarity; academic and professional education on the other hand, is based on the effective organization of the courses, and on the competency of the teaching faculty who are continuously engaged in research based activities for their own development. The Department also takes initiatives in organizing research oriented seminars, talks, trainings and workshops for the professional and skill-based development of its faculty as well as students.