Air University was established as a federally chartered public sector university in October 2002 with a focus to develop human resource mainly in the area of engineering and applied sciences. With more than twenty batches, graduated in three different program of Electrical Engineering, along with Mechatronics Engineering, these 'products' of the Faculty have found their place in society either as professionals serving industry or as the budding academics of tomorrow being trained in institutions at home and abroad. Yet, the Faculty of Engineering is in its infancy undergoing the usual problems, crises and challenges that have shaped educational institutions in this stage. Faculty development and academic enrichment is an ongoing activity.

At Faculty of Engineering, our main focus is on five areas of specialization including electronics, telecommunications, power, mechatronics and computer engineering, while an undergraduate program in mechanical engineering also exists in the same premises under the Institute of Avionics and Aeronautics.

Our faculty is qualified, experienced and fully in tune with the vision and mission of the university. Lab infrastructure plays a vital role in any of the engineering program. Our engineering labs are well equipped with all necessary state of the art learning tools and advance hardware infrastructure, to support and enhance student’s skill level in affective and psychomotor domain to complement cognitive domain knowledge from the classroom lectures. We thus have a fully operational engineering programs at undergraduate and graduate levels including MS and PhD. These all programs are OBE accredited at level II by the Pakistan Engineering Council since 2018, showing our continuous commitment toward quality education in engineering program.

Air University is very much committed toward bridging the industry-academia gap. We have established industrial advisory boards at university as well as department level. Members for these boards are very carefully chosen so that they can guide us to develop our curriculum to inculcate industry driven gradating attributes in our graduates to make them market and industry ready. Air University has established strong linkages with many well reputed universities and institute nationally and internationally to strengthen the research projects undertaken by faculty and students.

Due to our long term commitment towards quality education, many of our graduates have proceeded for higher education not only in Pakistan but also abroad in world leading universities. Their performance while pursing higher education in engineering, is extraordinary as our trained and devoted faculty has done its best to provide a solid foundation in their engineering education. At Faculty of Engineering, we assure our students, a quality education and full experimental support for their studies as per market needs and requirements. We guarantee a conducive environment at Air University for the students to prepare themselves properly for their promising future as a successful engineering professional. With a focused and dedicated approach, and consistent hard-work, a student is bound to find time spent here well rewarded.