Among one of the founding Departments of Air University in 2002, the Department of English emerged as a pioneer in developing the critical thinking, academic writing and communication of the students.

The department’s faculty was initially attached with the engineering departments, of the University for teaching English language and related functional courses. In 2010, with the approval of Higher Education Commission Pakistan, the department launched its much-anticipated M.Phil/MS Program in Linguistics and Literature. With this program, students from all over the country started applying for admission. With such progress, in 2012, the department launched its PhD program in Linguistics and Literature, which is still being successfully run. Keeping in line with this success, the department went further and efficaciously launched its BS Program in English in 2016.

In addition to these academic achievements, the department holds international conferences every year, which are based on different social, literary and linguistic issues. Moreover, over the years, the department has prolifically conducted various community work projects as well.