Master of Science in Finance


The MS Finance program is a postgraduate program that offers a solid theoretical and practical understanding of finance within a global context. It prepares graduates for the challenges in global and local financial systems through comprehensive knowledge of finance and its multidisciplinary aspects.

Degree Title

The title of degree is "Master of Science in Finance”

Distribution of total credit hours core courses

Category or Area Credit Hours
Core 12
Electives 12
Thesis/Courses Work 06
Total Credit Hours 30
S.No Course Code Course Code Credit Hours
Semester - I
1 MS 601 Strategic Finance 3-0-3
2 AF 702 Quantitative Research Methods 3-0-3
3 AF XXX Elective I 3-0-3
4 AF XXX Elective II 3-0-3
Semester Cr. Hrs. 12
Semester - II
1 AF 772 Financial Econometrics 3-0-3
2 AF 705 FinTech 3-0-3
3 AF XXX Elective III 3-0-3
4 AF XXX Elective IV 3-0-3
Semester Cr. Hrs. 12
Semester - III
Research Thesis
1 AF 799 Research Thesis 6-0-6
Course Work (in lieu of research work)
1 AF XXX Elective 3-0-3
2 AF XXX Elective 3-0-3
*In lieu of research thesis, a student may opt to study 02 elective courses in semester III.
Semester Cr. Hrs. 06
Total Credits Hours 30
Elective Courses
AF 723 Strategic Management Accounting AF 755 Corporate Valuation Investment Analysis and Corporate Portfolio Management
AF 724 Advanced Financial Reporting AF 756 Dynamic Asset Pricing Theory
AF 725 Inventory and Warehouse Management AF 761 Product Design and Development
AF 726 Advanced Performance Management AF 763 Financial Risk Management
AF 736 Risk Management in Islamic Banking and Finance AF 765 International Finance
AF 737 Islamic Microfinance: Theory and Practices AF 766 Capital Risk Management
AF 738 Islamic Capital Markets AF 772 Financial Econometrics
AF 741 Empirical Finance AF 773 Empirical Finance
AF 742 Basil I & II AF 774 Financial Modeling
AF 743 Corporate Securities and Regulatory Framework AF 775 Entrepreneurial Finance
AF 744 Global Asset and Wealth Management AF 782 SME and Rural Finance
AF 751 Financial Theory AF 783 Islamic Banking and Finance
AF 754 Corporate Valuation AF 784 Venture Capital and Private Equity

Eligibility Criteria for Admission

The following eligibility criteria will be followed for selecting students for admission to the program.

  • - Minimum 16 years of education - BBA, BS Commerce, BS Accounting, BS Accounting and Finance, BS Economics, BS Economics & Finance, ACCA, ICMA, M.Sc. Economics, B.Com Hons /MBA/M.Com or equivalent
  • - HEC-recognized undergraduate-level degree (minimum 16 years) with at least 2.00/4.00 CGPA
  • - GRE General / GAT-General Test (with at least 50% score) OR Air University Admission test with 60% marks
Merit Criteria
Terminal Degree Weightage (%)* 50
Test Weightage (%) 50